30 second seduction

Just had a very very quick look signed in at friends site... and downloaded Concrete5 Hiya y'all. Think I'll be around here at concrete5.org once in a while. Glad to meet you.

Simple Mailing List

Hi Everyone Just thought I should let you know about a nifty simple solution that I use for subscribe/unsubscribe requests - it also has a great backend and is free - have been using it for a number of years and just successfully added it to my Concret…

How can I add breadcrumbs to backend admin

Hey guys, I want to add breadcrumbs to the backend administration of a concrete5 site, how would I go about doing this? Its a bit different to frontend breadcrumbs.. Cheers

information at the very bottom of the webpage

i am trying to finish a website for my tile business. i know nothing of code or most of the terms commonly used yet somehow got this far. at the bottom of the website it says copyright 2006/ your name / your emailaddress.com/ html/dcarter/. could someone …

HELP! - - IE 7

I had been editing my site using Chrome. Today I go to the site in IE and NONE of my edits are there! I review the edit history: each edit is same: nothing. BUT if I go to site in Chrome and FF, everything is there. What the crap? Site: http://…

Missing Color picker since 5.3.1 update

Hey guys, Ever since I updated my site to 5.3.1 from 5.3, I noticed I am missing the color picker from the tinyMCE editor when adding content. I've tried searching and wasn't able to find much help. I thought somebody out there might know how to fix …

how to ADD back "Generate Sitemap File" ?

Accidentaly I've clicked remove under "Generate Sitemap File" in Scheduled Jobs/Installed jobs. Now I don't see it as job any more. How to reinstall this feature ?

Unable to load sitemap data.

Unable to load sitemap data. Response received: Fatal error: Call to a member function getUserName() on a non-object in /home/spaladium.com/public_html/concrete/models/collection_version.php on line 97 There was "glitch" while editing one of pages. …

Concrete5 users group in San Diego, Ca?

Is anybody interested on starting a Concrete5 group in San Diego, Ca? I'm a PHP programmer so i was wondering if any other programmers,users or designers would be interested on starting a group.

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