broken links

i noticed that some of your links are broken. i was searching for ways to edit CSS sheets and upload them as new themes for a site i am working on. i found a link before that no longer works. hope someone can hlep me out.


Here is a very nice tool too create some flashcontents on your site: Have Fun

Marketplace Downloads

Are you guys planning on showing how many times something in the Marketplace has been downloaded - I think it would be a great feature.

Simple image with light box

Hi may be a stupid question but is there any info on adding a single image with lightbox anywhere?


Hey, in showcase 'Sound Alfeld Disco' and 'KZSC santa Cruz' is the same reference. Should that be like that?

Will C5 be at OSCON 2009

O'Reilly announced that OSCON 2009 will take place in San Jose, CA this year. Will C5 be in attendance?

really advanced settings

A few applications have a "really advanced settings dialog". Firefox for example, enter "about:config" and it will show you a not so friendly list of options... Doesn't have to be friendly though. C5 has a couple of minor things I'd like to change. …


I did not use gravatar very often but since I've built a couple of wordpress blogs lately I uploaded a picture on and started to like it. I wonder what you think about it? Adding a method to the user class like "getGravatarPicture" should …

Any example of Application?

Can I see any example of Application in C5? May be just screenshorts. This is very important to understand the functionality for web-sites with news, blogs, custom product catalog etc: - do you plan to have automaticly generated admin interface (lik…

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