Site path and Images

Ok, Spent most of day implementing my first C5 site. So far so good. A couple of questions. 1/ I have installed C5 under as a test What do I need to change when I am ready to go live with the site and for it to work properly under…

How to move a C5 webiste ?

Hi, I have built a C5 website on our holding server, but now its finished ( I need to move it to the actual server where its going to live - How do I go about doing this ? Any help much appreciated, thanks.

Anyone in Australia

Can you post us to this list? someone twittered me about it, but you need to have someone willing to provide support in Australia thx

pics from PDX event

Just posted some pics from last month's Portland Oregon members group.. if you live somewhere and want to meet other local folk who love concrete5, you should set one up. http:/…

Restore Maintainance Job Sitemap creation

Hi, so I accidentally deleted the sitemap creation job from the jobs page in dashboard... have been squandering around for a way to get it to show as a installable option but I'm not getting so far. Anyone know what to do? Also, where does it place…

concrete5 vs. drupal

Okay. Andrew and I get asked this all the time, and to be blunt - I don't know or care. I stopped paying attention after Mambo because I was building earlier versions of concrete.. I've watched the admin/editing process on drupal sites over shoulders - bu…

Weird things happening

yet another question..sorry! can anyone help with this I have a number of Javascripts on the site I'm playing about with to see how these work however things seem to be going all over the place ie images in edit page section (blue ticks) and this also do…

using javascript

Hi I've added some javascript with the following tag example /js/jquery.cycle.all.js" Don't seem to work is there anywhere to read up on using javascript? Thanks as always

auto-nav external link?

I'm a CMS/PHP virgin, so I'm still trying to figure out stuff! That being said, is it possible to add an external link to the auto-nav list? I have a wordpress blog styled to my current C5 theme, and I want to have a link to it from the auto-nav menu. …

Removing add to in block

Is there a way to limit a block so this can't be added to I have seen it somewhere in forum but can't track it down now anyone point me in the right direction

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