When I click on Edit Page, it just seems to refresh....but does not go into edit mode (no red dotted outline)

Concrete5 User Manual?

Hey has anybody put together a Concrete 5 user manual, will be cool to give to clients when do a website using this sytem. Cheers


Any memcached users out there? I always liked memcached a lot because it's easy to use, but still powerful. Especially if you want to scale out using several servers. Supporting memcached in addition to eAccelerator?

Change Site domain name

I have a site setup @ [email protected] and now i setup apache to point a new domain to the same dir. Need to remove the other, but when i hit the perrymanproperties site, comes back as url of do i have …

C5 Vs Joomla

This is just a discussion on C5 Vs. Joomla. I hear a lot of comparison on C5 and Drupal and I wanted to hear some thoughts on it compared with Joomla.

Edit Page Buttons

I am having an odd problem with the edit page buttons. In the default themes they work fine, however when I am using a custom theme the left side of the buttons disappears, it appears when you mouse over the button. It is purely cosmetic/css or something,…

css Image link

Good day I have made a change in the .css to point to images in the theme img folder? My code But not working? what is the corect url? Please help newbie? Thank you

Announcing : THEME-THROW-DOWN! ... be a winner.

Think you're a fast production programmer? Prove it. This Friday at 1pm PST everyone is invited to join us in the first ever crowd sourced theme conversion. We're going to spend 2 solid hours converting as many website themes into concrete5 sites a…

Theme design

Good day I am looking for a tutorial on the following please; How to design a them for Concrete from scratch How to convert exciting theme to Concrete Thank you

Printing the PageTitle in a Theme

Hi guys, Stupid question to kick-start my active involvement on the Forum (been working with Concrete 5 for a couple of weeks now, and with browsing the how-tos and the forums and a bit of good old fashioned trial & error I've managed to accomplish all…

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