Help! - What can concrete5 actually do??

Feature lists are a challenge. They tend to be interpreted very literally, but in my experience its hard to fully describe a functional idea in a sentence or less. They're like statistics, in that they seem very scientific at a glance but are almost alway…

Help! - what do you read?

To help grow the project, we need to make a target media list. What types of sites do you frequent for news? How do you learn about new technology you should be offering your clients? .. twitter and facebook don't count - I need to know magazines, news si…

Multi-Sites (sub-portals)

Hi All First, again I would like to express my gratitude to the Concrete5 team. Great job!!! Here is something I have read a few things on the forums about but no "real" answer has been given, that is, Multi-Site Management or sub-portals (you call…

Old Concrete Site upgrade

I don't want to upgrade to version 5 from an earlier version of 5 I want to upgrade to 5 from an OLD install of concrete not concrete5. I cannot find anything on the site anywhere on how to do this. My host upgraded to PHP5 and it broke my entire si…

How to change the HELP and Latest News in Dashboard

Hey guys, I want to replace help and latest news on the main dashboard start up with some different content, could you please direct me where I can do this? I have looked at the datbase and found the dashboard parts were added there, but couldn't fi…

Went live with my first Concrete5 Site

Well, first one that wasn't for me personally: There are a few problems with the layout in IE still, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. What do you guys think?

Thank a Dev Day

Copied from the site: So, organizing of the first TADD has begun. For now, the date would be 27.3 this year, which will be fixed to “last Friday of every March“. The idea The general idea is to appreciate the creators behind your favorite Fre...

[To the french people - poll] Sondage en français

Vous trouverez sur le site de C5 en français un sondage sur l'aspect multilingue de Concrete5. Vous êtes invités à y participer en grand nombre. Si ça vous intéresse, voici l'adresse url:

concrete5 Site in IE

Hey, Have you looked at your site in IE vs Firefox. Displays well in Firefox but's it's broken in IE. Will this be the way my sites look if I use concrete5 ? C~

post to private areas??

It seems that when, i click on the thread from the main forums page, and it links to partners you can not view, so why display it, if we cant read it? frank

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