404 File Not Found - SimpleScript Install

Almost everything I install from SimpleScript in HostMonster.com's Cpanel has installed flawlessly and works out of the box. When I rand the install I had the system set C5 up in a subdirectory "Concrete5" . . . http://www.localsearchcourse.com/Conc…

slideshow center images

Hi there, I'm just working on a new c5 site and really excited about how it's going. One thing i'm adding is a slide show wondered if anyone could help me with a problem to fit with the design of the site it is important that the slide show doe…

Dutch Meeting

Are there Dutch developers who are interested in a members meeting. Just to exchange knowledge and try to build a Dutch community. Our office in Ochten (Gelderland) is available for a small meeting. (max. 10 people) Let us know. Ren

Jobs and Themes Forums

So Franz Did you get enough feedback to consider the two new forums? Just curious. -Bill


I am signed in and want to add a page. But its only on my home page that I have the ADD PAGE icon at the top left hand corner (next to my Edit icon). I don't want to add a page here, I want to add a page as a sub page of one of the headers on my home p…

version control questions

1. the changes to each version is a duplicate right? so it is save for me to purge previous versions that i had during development? 2. say, if i have 5 versions of a page. is there a way for me to start from version 3, and do the required changes, and …

Theme Specific

What does everyone think of a THEME Specific forum? We could discuss best css practices and img format tips and tricks for C5. Just thinking..... -Bill

Footer Question

How can I add my site nav links to my footer for all of my pages? This was easy to do with HeaderNav but I can't make it work for the footer. I've got the copyright info in the footer.php elements page, so how do I get the site navigation links in there a…

Questions about license

Hi all, First of all please let me say that concrete5 is a wonderful product, great job guys. The question i have is regarding the MIT license, there are things that are not very clear, according to the license the software can me modified, change …

How can I pull out the page name in a template.

I tried using the code But that didn't work, it just showed the site name. $PageTitle isn't coming up, any advice on this, I want to hard code PageTitle into a template so that every page made automatically shows the name of the page in a tag

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