New gallery that supports Thumbnail Types

This weekend I hacked together a new package that makes use of Thumbnail Types because I had trouble finding one in the marketplace. Most packages use the (deprecated) getThumbnail method which often results in timeouts and cache problems. The Thumbna…

Where do we report vulnerabilities?

When I go to, I get the message "concrete5 is taking a break and is not accepting new submissions." Our larger organization's bounty program turned up a vulnerability and I'm trying to find some positive documentation that it has been ad…

Permissions not working

Any ideas why permission settings are being ignored? I set the permissions on a block to hide it from guests and only show to registered users.but it doesn't work. Is it group thing? Do the registered users have to be in a group? How do I set th…

form submission

why does it say this in the url.. ?surveySuccess=1&qsid=1523010902#formblock1035 ..when a contact for is submitted? It's not a survey.

Statistic which version of Concrete 5 is used

Hi, I would like to ask. Is it possible to find, which version of Concrete5 (major and minor) is use the most ? I would like to create plugin, but I'm not sure which version should I choose to start as "first version", 5.7 or 5.8 ?

forgot password

Hey, I use a login page for my website. I also add the users manually to different groups within the website. So I do not need the option to reassign a password. How can I remove the "forgot password" option.

Sender email

Anyone know where I can set the sender email address for the forms on the site. Thanks


Hey, I did add a user with administrator authorization. I notice that he is not possible to change the user and task permissions in the dashboard. the message is: You cannot access task permissions. nevertheless the initial (or the first) administra…

Mailing workflow creator/editor platform

Let’s think of how a website sends automatic emails to its users. When a new profile is created, a “Welcome” email automatically goes through. Then, when the user’s profile is updated, a confirmation email will be sent. Same with “Status changed”, “email…

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