password problem

I cant login to my site as forgot the password. There is a problem with my password reset page. The address from the password reset link goes here: This is wrong as it should be: ht…

Mass Mailing Addon

Is there any possibility of mass mailing addon compatible to 8+ version? Just like Tony's mailing list we had in version 5.6?


Hey, Concerning I wish to know how iT comes that my website load So slow. IT takes more than 30 seconde. The visitors do not wait for this. What can I do? Best regards, Stefaan De Reu


Hallo wie muss ich eine webcam einbinden -i frame funktioniert nicht hi i want include a webcam to my site how i do this ? i frame with dont work thanks a lot i work with C5 5.8

no photo

Can someone explain me why I don't see the photo's added to a newsletter (with toesslab add-on) and received via email? what is the technical reason for this and how can I avoid this? thank you

URGENT lost block editing, rich text editor!

I suddenly lost the ability to use the Rich Text Editor while in edit mode!! All I am able to put the block into edit mode. I can add text but the rich text editor does not appear and the admin bar grays out and I can not save anything! The RTE seems ok …

Give Centry a try... Some interesting work here around making it easier to keep track of many concrete5 sites and what versions they're running. Would love to see some people check it out and report their findings.

30 Free Licenses for Premium "Bitter Theme"

Dear concrete5 community, today I turned 30 years old. To celebrate this day, i give away 30 licenses for the Bitter Theme (regulary $49). Simply answer to the thread. The first 30 users will get a free license. :) Conditions: Each user can only par…

What does the "CONCRETE5" cookie do?

Can anyone tell me what the cookie "CONCRETE5" is used for? I need to know for a cookie policy page detailing to users what cookies will be saved onto their browsers, and what for. My guess is that "CONCRETE5" is a starting point for the CMS to ch…

user hel in conversion

Hi, need help if somebody can .. please I do have over 100.000 user on a C5 site (832) and need a little php function or program to decrypt their password in order to import them in the new C5 site Can anybody help me ?? thank you so much in adva…

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