C5 Marketplace and what add-ons you would like to see

https://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/chat/what-makes-concrete5-special-and-how-do-you-use-it/#953440 Feeding off comments I made about how ‘I love and use Concrete5’ it was suggested by @JohntheFish that I create a separate thread with what add-o…

Looking for insight.

Hi All- I'm a base level C5 user and I need help with a site I admin. A notification now appears above my website header. (Image attached). Furthermore, I am unable to login to the site now. Website url is http://racedayevents.net/ An help in correcti…

special offers

https://www.concrete5.org/profile/offers/post/ I seriously cannot figure out where to put the discounted price. Is the problem with the page or my brain?

Streaming Audio

I have a customer with radio station who would like to have his shoutcast internet stream available to visitors on the website.. Any ideas on how I can do this ?? Thanks Bob

What makes concrete5 special and how do you use it?

We're doing some informal market research and we're interested in hearing more from you. What types of sites are you using concrete5 on? Do you consider yourself more of a site owner/content person with a single site to run or a web designer/develo…

Summer of Code Ideas

Just registering for Google's summer of code and we need to put together a list of project ideas for the students to consider picking or might inspire their own thinking. Any suggestions?

Invalid Token error

After inputting the Canonical URL within the dashboard's System and Settings, I was logged out and receive an "invalid token" error when attempting to log back in. I have restarted Apache, reset cache in my browser, tried a new browser, and waiting 15 ho…

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