to team: different About text

Hi while translating I noticed that on the About page the first line ends with the word "error". I think this might confuse people! Take some Lorem Ipsum instead. Olaf

Transfering C5 sites

If I have a C5 site already built on my server and need to transfer it to another server/domain. Does anyone know how I would go about doing this. I have already tried copying the database tables to the new server then uploading all the files from site…

Anyone for hire helping with C5?

Hello, I want to refer a client to someone who can install and configure C5 to work within a XHTML+CSS template they have. Any takers?

Easy Plugins / Blocks / Layout changes?

Hi ok, ok - C5 is new on the open source market and therefor people are just starting to notice it. But I get the feeling, extending and changing layout etc. seems quite complicated. If I am right, this seems to be a major draw back for people using C…

remove a GROUP?

Hi can I delete a group? I have not found a button (or similar) to do this. Olaf

Returning the favour

Hey guys I cant thank you enough for making this software free for us. I am getting alot of my clients sites on to it now. The question is how can I return the favour? is there a donation point other than the one to get a Thumbdrive and some st…

how to: send new/changed content as RSS?

Hi so far I am using cmsmadesimple. There I am able to post "news". These news I can make available as RSS feed to my visitors. Can this be done in C5 already? Not show a RSS feed from some other site, but provide my own RSS of new pages / changes p…

Email is back (sorry for the deluge)

To anyone who's monitoring a few forums, you probably just got hit with a lot of email. That's our mail officially coming back online @

Concrete5 - Is It Right For Me?

Hi there, I posted the following on the drupal site ( and rather than retyping, if you replace ‘Drupal’ with ‘Concrete5’ it will be applicable!! “Hi there, I’ve been looking at the beginner’s guide to D...

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