"400 Bad Request" when submitting a form

Every time I click "Submit" button in a form, I get "400 Bad Request" message. What might be wrong? I'm using built-in concrete5 form block.

Thanks in advance,

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nkennel replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
In the "options" tab in the edit dialogue (attached), there is an option to "Redirect to another page after form submission." Do you have a page selected here, and does it still exist?

Or perhaps have you copied this form from another page where it was originally created?
vykintas replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, Nathan. I haven't selected the redirection option. And the form was originally created here. Actually, I stripped it one question to see what's wrong. Here it is:http://dentalpro.lt/asdf

It's a puzzle to me.. I've no idea what's wrong.

The submit button generates this address:http://dentalpro.lt/index.php?cID=162&bID=134&arHandle=Teks...
nkennel replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't have any underlying technical insight into this issue, so I would try taking a more logical approach to solving the problem. Try to narrow what's causing the issue. Do you have any other forms on your site? Try deleting and recreating the form. Do you still have the issue? Try creating the form on another page.
vykintas replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, I tried recreating the form, and I also tried creating it on another page. It didn't work :( I see no logical explanation, I mean, I didn't use custom blocks or anything else where I could have made an error. I guess there's a bug or something..