5.4.0RC1 Scrapbook Entry Rename Bug


i added a new block to the global scrapbook via Copy to Scrapbook > New Copy to Scrapbook. It has an auto-generated name like "Global Scrapbook XX".

If I try to rename this (or any other) block, I get redirected to a blank page displaying

Fatal error: Call to a member function getError() on a non-object in [...]\concrete\models\permissions.php on line 465
(Address of this page is /index.php/dashboard/scrapbook/rename_block/ )

Can anybody confirm / deny / solve this?

(Apologies if this has already been reported - I couldn't find it)

Best Regards

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goldfish replied on at Permalink Reply
I can confirm I'm getting the same error when renaming blocks in a scrapbook. Happens on sites with and without advanced permissions enabled. My workaround has been to manually update bName in the blocks table with phpMyAdmin, which hasn't caused any ill effects so far.
Mef replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi goldfish,

seems this bug has been fixed in the final 5.4 version. At least I'm no longer encountering it since the update and it's in the changelog :-)