5.4.1 Release Candidiate 1

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that the first release candidate is available. At this point we should be feature complete for 5.4.1, and hopefully not too many major bugs remain. I've updated the feature list on the main 5.4.1 changelog page (access from the downloads page.) The following items have changed since the beta we posted three weeks ago:

- jQuery UI 1.8.4 and jQuery 1.4.2 are now included. Nicer jQuery UI default theme
- Select attribute now has autocomplete view
- Attempting better garbage collection across the board
- move an aliased page and it no longer moved the original
- more consistent styling in opera
- SQL based install should take much less time, fewer resources
- fixed user selector form helper to work when dialog isn't specified
- New blog related blocks and functionality, search custom templates

We've tweaked the sample content to better highlight the features of concrete5 that make it easy to blog. We've also added an autocomplete view, updated jQuery, sped up the installation process and fixed a bunch of bugs.

You can download the release candidate from here:


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elyon replied on at Permalink Reply
So far so good!

I had some trouble upgrading from beta 1, but a clean install has been fine. The only problem I've experienced so far is that it wouldn't accept a new password for the admin user in Opera or IE 8. It successfully changed the password in Firefox.

It's great that you've added examples and blocks for blogging. If people want a dashboard-driven solution they'll still be able to purchase an add-on, but it's great that you've illustrated how to do it in a page/block-driven approach.
Fernandos replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you a LOT Andrew! *hugs*
That's a great release :)

I am very happy you upgraded jQuery to 1.4.2 and jqueryUI to 1.8.4, that makes my "upgrade jquery(ui)" package obsolete.

I've tested it a lot and I couldn't find any bugs so far, upgrading from 5.4.1b2 worked fine too. Cleaning up some tiny files couldn't harm tho :)

Also you have the .DSStore file in the zip archive :P
Fernandos replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh, I've to mention that I'd to manually upgrade. I don't know if it's intended or not, but the 5.4.1b2 won't tell you that there is a RC1 out, so automatic upgrades won't work.
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
there is no 5.4.1bx to 5.4.1RC1 upgrade script, this is why it is said it should not be used for production environments, it is recommended you do a fresh install
arcanepain replied on at Permalink Reply
Upgrade, although I had to do it by manually replacing the core then running it, did seem to go fine for me...identified the version and seem to perform the upgrade without problems. I knew it was hardly best practice building a site with the Beta, but wasn't a client site and I thought what better way to test then to actually build a site with it!

Just about to start a couple of new builds now and very keen to start off with the new 5.4.1 functionality and performance...would I be safe to assume that if I start with the RC1 just posted, successfully upgrading to the final, stable release will be a fairly safe procedure, or am I still taking a risk there?
jleinbaugh replied on at Permalink Reply
having some issues with scrapbook tabs add-on. works fine when not logged in, but breaks when logged in. something to do with the new jQuery?