5.7 Config setPackageObject() undefined function

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I am trying to create config/preference options for my package working in Concrete5.7 but I get the following error:
Call to undefined method Concrete\Core\Support\Facade\Config::setPackageObject()

My code is:
// Configuration Settings
      $co = new Config();
      $co->save('default_raffle_start_date', 'NOW()');
      $co->save('default_raffle_end_date', 'DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 7 DAY)');

I have tried copying and pasting from the documentation but it still does not work. I took a look inside the Concrete/src/Support/Facade/Config.php file referenced which does not have the option to set a package object and neither does Facade.php (same dir path)

Any ideas on how to set this up in 5.7?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
@korvin posted this in a PRB review, maybe it offers some pointers.

use `$pkg->getConfig()->save()` for database based config, and `$pkg->getFileConfig()->save()` for filesystem based config. This config is accessible outside of your package by using the package handle as a config namespace: `\Core::make('config/database')->get('my_package_handle::some.config.item')`.

A config item key can be represented by this regex: `^(?:(?P<Namespace>.+?)::)?(?P<Group>[^.]+).(?P<Item>.+)$`

Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
And one more note to this.

This does NOT work:
$pkg->getConfig()->save('config_key', 'config_value');

But this DOES work:
$pkg->getConfig()->save('group.config_key', 'config_value');
// For example:
$pkg->getConfig()->save('system.is_great', true);

This is because you cannot save values to config groups. Which means that all the configuration values need to have a group.
CrystalShardz replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the assistance guys.

I ended up using:

To set config item for package:

To get config item: