5.7 Getting Results to Display on another Page

This is my first time using Concrete5 and so far it's a pretty good experience. I have however encountered one thing that I'd like to do with it that I can't figure out.

I want to make a page which will display form results for selected forms i.e select which ones I want on a page (I realise that this may be good as a block but don't have the coding skills to work out how to implement it)

so you will see a list of form names

Form1 > clicking will bring up responses for Form1
Form2 > clicking will bring up responses for Form2
Form3 > clicking will bring up responses for Form3
and so on...

Clicking them will do something similar to the existing dashboard > Reports> Form > Open Responses button and display a table of results for that selection.

However all of it need to be made visible to guests of the site and should not require an admin login. I've had a look at using the External Form block as a template and extending it in PHP but it's really gone over my head.

If anyone can help that would be great or if you know of a working example/have the time to make one that would be even better!

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appliculture replied on at Permalink Reply

You could easily do that with the Formify add-on
dkw15 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi thanks for the suggestion, however $75 is a bit steep for one part of that addon. I was really looking to get some guidance or assistance to do this without the need for an addon.
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
You sort of want to copy the Dashboard functionality, with the exception that you want to select in a block which forms are available to click?

For example... Let's say you have 10 forms. You want to display 3 of these form results on the homepage only. You add this "Block" called "Frontend Form Results" and select these 3 specific forms. These forms get rendered when saving the block. When you click on "Form 2 results", it will slide down the results beneath this title. Something like that? If so, that wouldn't really require this Forms Add-On, but it will require some coding though.
dkw15 replied on at Permalink Reply
That sounds entirely what I was thinking. I just want to be able to select certain forms and display their results in a table similar to that in the dashboard. Not all forms are ones which I want displayed so a block would be flexible in the page I choose to put them on and the content I want to show.
dkw15 replied on at Permalink Reply
Is that something you can help with Ramon?
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Can make something for you. PM me about it. I will be out on appointments the whole day, so not sure if I will respond fast.
dkw15 replied on at Permalink Reply
PM'd you