8.4.0 Release Candidate 4 Now Available

Hey everyone.

We're getting very close to releasing concrete5 8.4. It has a ton of new stuff in it:


It's very close to ready for the final release, but one thing that's held it up has been some late development work to accommodate GDPR. Release Candidate 4 has a number of improvements and changes to address the law. Please download it and give it a try.


And if you're curious about concrete5 and GDPR in a more general sense, check out this blog post:


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cali replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Andrew ;)
I coming back on c5 since a few.time.say from.keyboard.
Witch is now the best.way to upgrade from.rc2 to rc4 ?
(It's not avaable from dashboard auto.update to)
typoman76 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi cali
Replacing the concrete folder should work.

See the section in the docs:
*Replacing the original concrete Directory (Version 8 and above)*