Access Composer form details on page type page

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I read through the docs and already got a fundamental understanding about how the CMS works. But I couldn't find information on how to create a page type that is masked by a composer form and then actually handle the data typed into that form when creating a page of that page type.

Actually, what I want to build is a page type "Special offer". When a user creates a new page of that type, a composer form should appear that asks him for a title and description for the offer as well as a start and end date and a category.

With the help of this how-to: I managed to create four topics that can be selected inside of the form. That all works very well.

But when I press "Publish" after filling out the form, an empty site appears. I have no clue how to display the data from the form on that page. I would really appreciate if someone could hint me in the right direction!

Thanks very much in advance,

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi robeeeert,

After you create your page type and the page type's form, you need to edit the defaults for the output. This tells concrete5 where to put the Composer information on the page. If your page type is set up to use multiple page templates, you will need to edit the defaults for each page template.

- on the Page Types page, find your Special Offer page type
- click the Output button for Special Offer
- on the Defaults and Output, you will see a list of page templates available for that page type
- click the Edit Defaults button for one of the page templates
- on the defaults page for the template, you can add blocks that will be defaults for that page template and also page attributes and built-in properties
- to add a Composer form block, you will use the Composer Control block (at the bottom of the list of blocks in the block panel)
- after adding it to the page, the Composer Control block will list available blocks that can be added in a select-dropdown
- attributes are added using the Page Attribute Display block
- the Page Attribute Display block will have a Property to Display select drop-down of available attributes and built-in properties you can add to the page
- exit edit mode and do the same for any additional page templates
bitpacket replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay so this one comment isn't googleable - after a year I've now worked out how to do this without custom coding thank MKD you as always rock