Add attribute values directly into MYSQL for batch editing

Hi all, I'm using the Concrete5 Community Store block and it is working nice but I need to add in over 900 existing items. I have done this by importing a .csv to the correct table in the MySQL DB but I now also need to give them values to a few product attributes. Can anyone please enlighten me as to where the values are stored for each product so that I can create a a csv to match the table and import batched data?

I have run searches within the database for existing values and they only seem to appear in attributesearchindex and atDefault but I can seem to find how to bind atDefault to each product.

I admit I may have completely the wrong idea here to any help would be greatly appreciated.


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mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Community Store's product table is pretty straightforward, so importing products directly into it is going to be an ok approach. It won't do things like create the product pages in the sitemap, but if you're not worried about that then there's really no advantage to adding products programmatically. Generally with concrete5 the advice is to never directly touch the database, to always use the API, but I think in this case I'm not seeing any issues.

Attributes on the other hand are much trickier and aren't really suitable for directly manipulating via the database. My advice here would be to handle this via the API - you would write a script to read the CSV, find the product and add the attribute values programmatically.
mobius2000 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Mesuva, great response and great detail to learn from... Cheers :-)