add default block to pages automatically while creating a new page

I am very new in c5. I created some default blocks in page type. I need to get the default blocks while selecting the design when adding a new page. so that the editing will be more easier for my client.

Anyone help me please.


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glockops replied on at Permalink Reply
You can specify default blocks in the dashboard.
Visit the "Page Types" page and click on "Defaults", from there you can edit the "Initial Version" of the page just like any other - any blocks you insert will be automatically included on new pages that use that page type.

You can also force existing pages of that page type to update with your default blocks by clicking the block (after it's inserted) and using the "Setup on child pages" option.
shemilr replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply.

Now want i am doing is ,

1. Creating a new page with selected design (which contains default blocks)
2. Go to default and for each block i am giving apply to default option and tick the newly created page.Then only the newly created page will display default block.

But, what i want is when i am adding new page with design, default block will have to display with it.Is it possible? I want to reduce the above second step .