Add new user with Full Admin rights

I am developing a website for my client. I am the original admin user assigned and have all rights. I want to create another user for my client also giving her the same full rights to her website that I have as the person who will continue to support her.

It has been a while and I have forgotten the fine details but I remember I had to go to a number of places to expand her permissions to allow her the same full access that I have. I would prefer not to have to leave the simple permissions option to do this to keep things less complicated as the website is very simple with regard to user permissions - just her and I with global rights.



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wagdi replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
If my understanding is correct-

Once you have added her as a user, (whilst still on the 'Edit User' page)- you can choose to 'Add Group' -> Add 'Administrator' -> 'Update User' and you're done. She will now have the same admin rights as you.
uswebdesigner replied on at Permalink Reply
It used to be more complicated than that, but from my look around, it looks like it may be that easy at this point.

As best as I can understand, the only difference is that only I as the initial user in the site, (maybe called the Super User or Super Admin), can login as another user when logged in as myself. Otherwise, it looks like there may be no difference.

Anyone else know any differences?