Add single pages from dashboard

Hi, I need to know how to add a single page from dashboard. When I tried to add a page I got the error "That specified path doesn't appear to be a valid static page". Please help. Thanks in advance.

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okhayat replied on at Permalink Reply
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Thanks for ur help.
plschneide replied on at Permalink Reply
I followed the help for adding single pages, but I can't seem to get it to work.

1) I have the view
2) I created a php page and put it in the root "/var/www/html/single_pages"
3) I went to add the single page and it says I added my page name "history"
4) The page appears in the single pages list BUT

Question 1:
It DOES not appear in my site pages (as I read the help that should happen I believe)

Question 2:
Also, when I click on the page from the single pages list I do see the page - HOWEVER, the page has some code that refers to sub directories/images/etc. things that I have embedded. Given that I "added" this as a single page - where should I FTP the "supporting files" for this page to?

e.g., code on this single page is trying to load a flash file, where do I put the flash file so it will find it (I thought maybe in the single pages directory but that doesn't work.
okhayat replied on at Permalink Reply
You added the page and it shows in the 'Single Pages' list. From you you can click on it to get to it.
Of course that's not a practical solution. You can access any Single Page added using it's name. Your page name is history, so you can access it at /history:
Now, for the files related to it, you can css and js files under the directories in your installation and refer to them. If you have other files, upload them using the file manager or FTP to /files/incoming so you can easily add them from the file manager too.