addHeader() from Zend Mail


I'd like to add specific headers in the Form Submission Email such as Importance. I know Zend has a function addHeader() (, but Concrete5 doesn't seem to support it. Or does it?

Can anyone help me out?

$mh->addHeader('X-Priority', '1');
$mh->addHeader('X-MSMail-Priority', 'High');
$mh->addHeader('Importance', 'High');

in core/controllers/blocks/form.php doesn't work.

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Opeon replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Fixed it by adding this to the core/helpers/mail.php at line 303.

$mail->addHeader('X-Priority', '1');
$mail->addHeader('X-MSMail-Priority', 'High');
$mail->addHeader('Importance', 'High');