Adding a page to the Sitemap

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Where does the page get stored when adding a page to the site map?

URLs look like: /index.php/profile/showmyprofile/

Which is a physical path but no file is found.

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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Content management systems such as Concrete5 don't store pages in physical files -- instead, they separate pages out into two parts: one part is the template, which is all the stuff that's the same across the site (header, footer, maybe the sidebar), and the other is the "content", which is the stuff in the middle (that's different from page to page).

The templates are stored in files (for concrete5, they're in the "themes" directory), but the content is stored in the database.

Are you trying to solve a specific problem with your site or are you just curious about how it works? If you're having a specific problem, please post more details and people might be able to provide a solution for you.

merill00 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Jordan for your reply.

I'm just wondering how it works and understand why some pages are physical files while others are not.
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
the only pages that are physical files are singlepages, all other pages are generated by code and the database