Adding an hidden input field to Form block using custom template


I want to submit a hidden input field in my Form block so that the data can be viewed under Reports in the back-end.

Now, when adding a Form block I see no option of making a field hidden - so I am investigating whether this is possible using a custom template for the Form block.

Ive successfully added a custom template by copying the default template to my /blocks/form/templates directory - and in the default template I see this:

<?php   $miniSurvey->loadSurvey( $survey->questionSetId, 0, intval($bID) );  ?>

This is the code responsible for outputting the questions/input fields. How do I modify the survey object to add a new field dynamically?

Is there maybe another approach I could look at? Thanks! :)

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ijessup replied on at Permalink Reply
At this point, the form block might not be the best answer for you. It would probably require far more coding than necessary to get the desired effect.

There are a couple different things you can do, but it depends on your coding experience. Considering you were able to pick out the form rendering script, you obviously have some PHP know-how. Are you familiar with OOP?
Hammertime replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for replying! Well, I tend to simplify posts to forums as my experience is the more non-essentials you put in there, the less people bother reading the post.

In any case, I know my stuff and could figure it out if I looked at the Form block controller - but I thought this requirement might not be that uncommon - so lazyness prevailed and I threw a question up ;)

So... Bring on da knowledge! More complicated, the better!

Thanks again :)