Adding an image when editing a page in Composer returns "Image Not Found".

Setup a custom template file (essentialy the same as header.php) within the directory:

I've added the image block to the page type "defaults". Checked the "Include block in composer", and selected my custom "banner.php" file with custom dimensions.

The block appears editable when you are editing it in composer. You can load an image in, crop it as you'd expect.

I publish the page, and when viewing the page the block you'd expect to update just includes "Image Not Found".

The actual image gets saved. (you can see it in file manager, and does pull through if you just add a block anywhere, though not using this method with composer...)

Am I missing something?


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ironstorm replied on at Permalink Reply
I have this exact same issue w/ when I try to use an SVG file in the banner area...

I suspect there's some bug in the code that is preventing it...

Non-svg and stock images work okay.
SMARTdesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
Image block is currently not able to detect svg image size (/concrete/core/controllers/blocks/image.php line 98). That's why it shows the error message.

For now, I use content or html blocks instead. These can output svg files correctly.