Adding branding to Login and Register pages

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How can I get rid of the Concrete5 logo and add my own branding?

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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you want to change the style of the entire Login / Register pages, or just change the concrete5 logo?

If you just want to change the logo, check out this thread:

If you want to change the look of it all (make it look like your theme with logo / headers / etc. I assume), do this:

1) Edit the YOURSITE/config/site_theme_paths.php file, erase everything in it and replace with this:
defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die(_("Access Denied."));
$v = View::getInstance();
$v->setThemeByPath('/login', 'your_theme_name');
$v->setThemeByPath('/register', 'your_theme_name');
$v->setThemeByPath('/page_not_found', 'your_theme_name');
$v->setThemeByPath('/page_forbidden', 'your_theme_name');
$v->setThemeByPath('/download_file', 'your_theme_name');
$v->setThemeByPath('/maintenance_mode', 'your_theme_name');

(Note that we're also including some other pages you'll probably want to brand as well)

2) Make sure your theme has a view.php file, and that the file contains somewhere in it the line <?php print $innerContent; ?> (or it may be "echo $innerContent").

3) In your theme's view.php, just above the <?php print $innerContent; ?> (or it could be <?php echo $innerContent; ?>), paste in this code:
<?php if (isset($error) && $error != '') {
   if ($error instanceof Exception) {
      $_error[] = $error->getMessage();
   } else if ($error instanceof ValidationErrorHelper) { 
      $_error = $error->getList();
   } else if (is_array($error)) {
      $_error = $error;
   } else if (is_string($error)) {
      $_error[] = $error;
   <ul class="ccm-error">
   <?php foreach($_error as $e): ?>
      <li><?php echo $e?></li>
   <?php endforeach; ?>

(Yeah, it's ugly, but if you don't do that, then error messages won't show up if the user has the wrong password or leaves a required field blank, etc. [Make sure you click that little "View entire code block." before copying this code, otherwise you'll miss the last 2 lines).

4) Now, when you visit those pages you will see that the forms and such appear inside your theme's overall look, and mentions of "Concrete5" are no longer there. If you want to further customize the look of it, you'll have to "view source" on the page in your browser to see what CSS classes and id's are available to apply styles to.

Good luck!