Adding existing files to a file set

Hi all

I have imported lots of images to my site but I'm now needed to organise them in some fashion.

The only reasonable way I can see of doing this within C5 is to use file sets. I've created some but I cannot find a way to add multiple files to them. I can only add one file at a time by selected said file in the File Manager and choosing the file > Sets and adding to an existing set.

There must be a faster way of doing this?! I have hundreds if not thousands of images to organise.

I'd also like to add them to a set on import if possible? I'm currently using the Incoming folder to batch upload files but do not see any options to add these images to a set.

Any help is much appreciated

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mktdg replied on at Permalink Reply
Any help?
mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
In the File Manager you can check multiple files using the checkbox to the left of each file, then from the 'Items Selected' drop down towards the top of the page select 'Sets' - that should allow you to assign multiple files to one or more sets in one go.

With the incoming folder, I've got a feeling the ability to assign those files to a set when they are added will be coming in a feature release.
mktdg replied on at Permalink Reply

That's what I was looking for :)

I hope they add it in a future release, it would be a handy feature.