How to add figure and figcaption html5 elements to tinyMCE

Hi There,

After using a few CMSs, I've always found tinyMCE and it's documentation very confusing - so sorry if this is easy.

Does anyone know how to enable HTML5 elements?

I've researched the issue and have tried adding stuff like:
mce_extended_valid_elements = "figure[class],figcaption",

var mce_extended_valid_elements = "figure[class],figcaption";

To the Rich Text Editor's config in c5 but the examples I've found seem to use slightly different syntax - or more likely, I don't properly understand javascript's syntax.

Does anyone know how to implement new HTML elements with c5?

Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.



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cmscss replied on at Permalink Reply
OK, so this syntax (with a colon) doesn't produce an error:
mce_extended_valid_elements : "figure[class],figcaption",

But the figure element doesn't show up in the format menu - actually, I'm not sure where it should show up or if you have to enable something else?