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Hi all,

Day2 on CC5.

Still reading on the how to's.

Can someone tell me how to add another menu to main page , as well as create a new page that menu redirects to too?


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siton replied on at Permalink Reply
Nice, good luck :)

How to:
Add pages from your sitemap or click on "Pages" icon:

B. C5 youtube)

For example you can add page for "cities" and under this page add:
-- Paris
-- London
-- Madrid

Thats it. Next you can add "auto nav" block to area (drag and drop)

Now its easy to control the setting (one of many options is to select "show pages" under page X "sub menu" consept).

* A lot of time you can use "page list" block as "sub-menu" to show list of pages (with thumbnails etc).

Read more about Auto nav block:
C) Youtube (old c5 version the idea +- the same)
concrete5 - Mastering Auto-Nav:
General - Basic Concepts:
melange replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

Thanks for such a detailed reply. The support in the CC5 group is really good compared to other placed Ive been. Ill review your info and see if I am able to add another page with the navigation button on the top of each page. If I have troubles Ill post back. Thanks for taking the time to answer.
photodoc1 replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not seeing the page tree after adding a page and I'm only seeing one type of page to add.