Additional/Custom CSS on Block add.php


I am building a custom block, and haven't figured out just how to implement my own css into the block's add.php popup window. I have javascript functioning properly in the popup window (being in a js directory of my block), but the styling of my divs/such within it aren't working.

Basically I created my desired form with its styling/javascript apart from concrete5, got it working splendidly, and then began the process of turning that into a concrete5 add.php form.

So all this said, just how should I go about adding my own css to my custom block's add.php popup window?



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Landson replied on at Permalink Reply
Just in case anyone is looking for a solution to this as well, I found that the following:

public function add()
     $html = Loader::helper('html');

Worked as desired. I had tried something like this before, but I hadn't specified an absolute path to my css and js files. This post was very useful in figuring this out.