Advanced Permissions do not work :(

Hi there

I'm having issues with the advanced permissions. I've set up permissions for the "My Profile" area in the menu. However, when I log in with all other users than my initial ADMIN user, then the links are not visible.

I've tried assigning another user to the Administrator Group - he can still not see the links... Administrators should be able to see all!?

See attached images.

Am I doing anything wrong?


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mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I've got a feeling this is to do with your inclusion of 'Guest' in the excluded list. It doesn't actually need to be there anyway.

The 'Guest' permission is something that is valid for ALL users I believe, which means that you're effectively excluding everyone by adding it to the exclude list.

Try removing it.
jwulff replied on at Permalink Reply
Solved the issue. Thanks!