All page structure moved to "trash" – please help!

Hello Bros,

I was trying to "delete forever" an old site from trash
and I ended up with the whole site structure being thrown into trash (along with the master HOME)!

I need to get it out of TRASH,
no idea how – normally I'd drag the pages back under HOME.
But since HOME is also in TRASH, it's a dead end.

The website still runs, but the problem completely messes up navigation.

I need to get the website back urgently. Please help me out!

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tomekwi replied on at Permalink Reply
What I did exactly was trying to delete an alias to a non-existent page. The alias was still figuring under TRASH, so I selected it and picked the option "delete forever".

The system threw up a message like "deleted pages go to trash with all their subpages. Are you sure you want to do this?"
Sure, said I – and now I'm fried :/

Please help!
webdez1ner replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment

I'm experiencing similar problems! My site has to language versions (internationalization add-on), when i copied the document tree and deleted some pages, suddenly the whole Full sitemap was empty. The whole document tree is now in the Trash and i have no idea how it happened and what to do next? My site still works normally, but can't see anything in the Full sitemap. Anybody has idea what's going on?
CommotionCreative replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm experiencing this problem as well. I think that did throw away a page alias at one time. When I did it, it thew away the actual page instead of the alias. That was some time ago, however, and I wouldn't have even brought it up in this context, but since teknojunkey mentioned it, perhaps it's relevant. I don't think the home page went in the trash at the time that I deleted the alias however, because I've used the sitemap since then.

I was deleting a normal page today, then I went to the sitemap, and the sitemap was empty. When I showed system pages, I found that my whole document tree was in the trash. It would let me drag the home page out of the trash either; every time I tried, the visually ques indicated that I was dragging the whole trash can.

I tried going directly to the database and changing the home page's parent to 0. That seemed to fix it, but I later went back to the sitemap, and the home page was in the trash again.

This is an urgent issue for me. I have a client waiting to be trained on this site, and I will need to show them the sitemap. I don't want them knowing that their entire site exists in a trash can.
CommotionCreative replied on at Permalink Reply
I think I figured out the correct fix. In the database, you not only need to change the cParentID to 0, but you also need to change cIsActive to 1.
VeggyMight replied on at Permalink Reply
Help, this happened to me, either while customizing a theme or removing some pages from the navigation. Somehow my home page and entire site structure are in the trash! The home page cannot be moved out of the trash via the front end UI.

jlivingston--I'm a newb and not familiar with how to access the C5 database or change these values. Can you provide more detailed instructions?
ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Go to your web host control panel
open up your database using the standard mysql facility
Find the "Pages" Table
Click Browse (top of the page)
select edit on page with cID 1
Make the changes
Click "Go" and your done
I have attached an example..
VeggyMight replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm on Bluehost and I was able to edit the table you reference using phpMyAdmin. In the Pages table for cID 1, cParentID's value was 98 so I changed it to 0. Clsactive was already set at 1 so no change there.

I reopened my site in C5, and the Home page and its subpages are indeed out of the trash. However, they can only be seen in "Show system pages" sitemap view and are still behaving as if they are in the trash; clicking on a page in this view brings up Preview and Delete Forever but no other choices. The pages also have not reappeared in my navigation (only Home shows up in the nav, same as before).

Any other ideas? Thanks so much for your help.
ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Ensure that the section clsSystemPage is set to 0
ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Ensure that the section cChildren number is equal to the number of sub pages that you have, including those that are excluded from the nav
VeggyMight replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Changed the clsSystemPage value to 0. Home now shows up in the non-system sitemap, but doesn't expand (despite showing an expand button) and still only shows Preview and Delete Forever as menu options. Navigation items have not returned.

Tried changing cChildren from 17 to 23 based on how many children I saw in the system sitemap. No effect. Then tried changing ctID to 23 (it had been 17 also, so I thought its value might need to match cChildren). No effect either.

Screen snaps of db values and sitemap attached.
VeggyMight replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Also, noticed that in sitemap flat view Home is still showing as under trash (Trash > Home). See attached.
VeggyMight replied on at Permalink Reply
Anyone out there with other ideas on how to solve this? I am at a standstill and cannot work on the site. Was loving C5, and appreciate that it is free. But I'm given pause by the fact that there is some bug in the system that allowed it randomly throw my site in the trash, with no obvious way to recover it. Franz/Andrew, any help you can offer? Do I need to hire a developer to recover this?
FatTony1952 replied on at Permalink Reply
You could always contact the hosting company to see if they have a database backup back to the day it was working. Most generally keep backups for a while.
VeggyMight replied on at Permalink Reply
No one knew how to solve this. I ended up doing a complete reinstall of Concrete5.
omars786 replied on at Permalink Reply
Many Thanks for everyone's input on this issue, it recently happened to me and I've been stressing out for a while. Bringing the 'Home' from the trash was a big help, to get the rest of the pages was a bit more difficult, but I *think* I've done it.

I found that under the 'Pagepath' table in the database, removing the /!trash/ for each page in the sitemap according the the cID (I could find this through 'page search' on the dashboard, not thru sitemap).. AND also changing clsSystemPage in the table of 'Pages' in the DB to '0' for each page.. Brought all the sub-pages back onto the site map and viewable/editable.

I have other problems now, such as /home is showing on the URL and it conflicts with our domain mapping software.. Can't solve this, so might do a re-install next weekend if I can't find a solution :(

Really freaked out when it happened, all I did was empty the trash.. Could have lost £000's if I didn't get it working again and it took me a long time (20hrs+) to get it online again. I'm not a professional, so don't know anything complicated..