Sending email notice to more than one email recipient

I appreciate this tutorial but it is incomplete in it's description assuming the reader knows what files you are talking about and where in the files to put the code. I am using the template user_register_approval_required.php. The email is only sent to the super user. and the register multiple users in the the dashboard under public registration is not working for some reason. So, I want to manually code in extra recipients. Your tutorial does not tell where to put the "helper" code. Does it go on the template I am using? Above the body email? Below? I'm trying to fill in the blanks but not getting anywhere. Can someone help?

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synlag replied on at Permalink Reply

which tutorial do you mean? Can you post a link?

sschildbach replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
The documentation or tutorial I am talking about is:

I'm a little embarassed to say what was causing my problems. I did find out why nothing I was trying was working: I had a old modified register.php file in the root controllers folder and it was breaking the functions being made by my updated version of Concrete5. When I replaced it with the new file of register.php found in the core and added a cc in the mail helper coding of that file, I got multiple sent emails to work.

In betweem line 146 & 147 of register.php I added:

$mh->cc('[email protected]', 'FirstName LastName');
$mh->cc('[email protected]', 'FirstName LastName');

My general advise to other is when you have an old C5 site and have modified the core files and moved them to the root directory folders, as you are supposed to, sometimes those files need to be removed or reworked.
HopeL replied on at Permalink Reply
One site I'm building uses the registration information as an application for membership. Several people need to receive the email that a new user has registered. If it would be easier, CCing a specific group of users to receive a copy of the registration notice would also work and would be better as the people within that group change from time to time. I'd rather edit the group than edit the register.php page each time. Is this post that I'm replying to (and the tutorial link included) still relevant? How would I add a specific group to be notified? I am using the Concretet5 vs.