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Hi all,
I've seen a couple of threads about editing alt tags on concrete sites but having followed some of the advice i've not been able to make the edits.
I'm new to this CMS so forgive me here.
I've tried editing via properties by clicking on the image and via the file manager but though it updates within the CMS this isn't pulling through into the source of the website. Could it be a caching issue and i just need more patience, or is something else wrong. I've refreshed and cleared my browser cache but still the source doesn't update the alt tag.

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tommyh replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you flush the cache within the admin in Concrete5? Dashboard > System & Settings > Clear Cache.
seobod replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Tommy,
The site was built in the previous version, do you know the steps to do the same in version 4?