Any Beginner's Step-By-Step Videos?

I had started to learn Joomla, but found out about Concrete5, so I thought the concept was great and I would give it a try. But I am finding that despite the front-end, working right on your page concept, much of the construction is not entirely intuitive. I did obtain the textbook called Concrete5 Beginner's Guide, second edition, but it is not based on the newer 5.7 version, so just different enough to be annoying for a beginner. <b>Can I still download a version before 5.7?

Are there not any actual video instructions that have been put together for Concrete5 on YouTube that take you from the beginning to end of website creation with Concrete5? I've seen about ten videos so far and I haven't seen a single one yet that takes one through every step. WordPress and Joomla have a lot of video presentations that takes one through each and every step. Are there none like that for Concrete5, geared for the beginner and assume nothing accept general computer knowledge? It would sure be a good thing if there are some like that.

Personally, I have never particularly liked forums because it can be very difficult to get the right answers, but, of course, here I am asking this question as NEW DISCUSSION on the forum because it's so time consuming to search if this has already been answered.

Jerry in Michigan

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enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
A good place to start learning might be:

Yes, you can still download older versions of concrete5 from the downloads page. is the latest of the legacy versions available. It is still a solid working solution for any kind of website. You might find the availability of add-ons and documentation for 5.6 to better suit your needs based on your skill level and functionality requirements.
BearJerCares replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you - I think I will try 5.6 since the textbook I have matches it, then go up to 5.7 a little later. Jerry in Michigan,