Any help for an easy to use blog plugin?

We're creating a site for our client. They are VERY untechy. Thats why we're developing their site in C5. They need a blog on their site. I looked at pro blog and its way to tough for our client
not sure about blog.

Ideally a blog that you can add a blog from edit mode.

Any ideas?

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The blog page type in C5's default content is simple and useable enough. Couple that with the Disqus add-on (free from the market place) and it's a good basic blog setup.
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Out of curiosity, how is a dashboard page called "ProBlog" with a clean and easy to use interface specifically designed for the less than tech savvy, "way to difficult". ProBlog also adds a button on the top front-end C5 bar for an add blog pop-up window. I think you should take a better look?

Ironically. SimpleBlog did exactly what you are suggesting "a front end interface" It was a block only package. It got great reviews...but I couldn't justify keeping it up with the composer tool slamming the door shut on viability.

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Hey Chad. I would love to take a peak at Problog but seemed a little tough. I read a few posts about simpleblog and it seemed what we needed. Bummed that its not out any more. Any way of me buying ProBlog but if its not right for our client, to get refunded?

I have simpleevents cal installed on another clients site, and that worked great. A blog tool that works like that is exactly what I'm looking for
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lol, I read this and was like "wow - I sound angry." ha ha. I am gathering there was a reply edited or removed.

Anyhow, SimpleBlog in fact was rereleased and redesigned from the ground up to be a front-end block "Blogging" experience that comes with a composer view, and is %100 migratable to ProBlog should you decide to do that.

Sorry I failed to post back on this.

Thanks for replying to this thread hereNT!

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Problog is very, very dummy prove.
If in edit mode, it will give an extra button above your blog items 'place new blog-item', this will pop-up up a window, fill it and publish. Easy as that. Give it a try.
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Probably far too late for you, but I have two add ons in the marketplace now that create a very easy to use and customize blog. Dashboard Page Managers and Oembed. Hopefully they can help out other people with the same issue.

There is a video on how to set up the default blog to use them here:

and a step-by-step in text and images for setting up Oembed as the blog here:

After that, it's just a few minutes to add the dashboard page manager.

You can get both of them for only $25 as a package deal: