Anyone using OSMPlayer for video player with thumbnails?

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I found this awesome video player at but searched the forums here and haven't seen any posts about it. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a video player with thumbnails...

Except... I have it working fine inside my custom theme, but the odd part is, it only loads the videos when I'm logged into C5! I can't figure out why when I sign out, it just dies and won't load the playlist. It's got to be something related to how C5 loads jQuery or some conflict with a function. Unfortunately, I'm not well versed enough in jQuery (or C5 for that matter) to debug. Seems to me it would potentially create more problems when logged in to C5, but it's the other way around

I've tried including jQuery again (even though I think C5 does this anyway with Loader::element('header_required'). I also don't understand why jQuery is included again in Loader::element('footer_required').

Anyway, wanted to introduce the community to this free player, it'd be great if we can get it to work!

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zachlyon replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Check the page (click on the "Playlists" tab) for implementation. The files I downloaded from GitHub have a ton if JS includes, but this is the only code to fire it up:

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(function() {
      playlist: 'playlist.xml',
      height: '500px'
<div id="osmplayer"></div>

Any clues as to why logging out of C5 breaks the player (see attached).

zachlyon replied on at Permalink Reply
OK, got it working... turns out it was a little user error on my part with an include. Doh! But still curious what version of jQuery C5.5.2.1 has running in the header_required field.

Anyway, great player FYI!
dragongu replied on at Permalink Reply
hello, zachlyon, when i use the osmplayer , i get some doubts, we can use it by:
playlist: '../vedios/presentations.xml',
height: '500px',

and then ,i need add a button to controll the playlist and get the time had played,
however ,i has tried so times,and stil not have a answer,