Appending full URL to CSS background path

In, all paths for background images inside CSS have the full URL appended before the CSS is delivered to the browser (this happens behind the scenes). This is great, unless I want to use a CDN for the images.

If my CSS is as follows:
background: transparent url( no-repeat;

Then the following path is rendered so the images cannot be displayed:

I have not been able to find the file that controls this functionality. Can someone help point me in the right direction?

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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
are you sure that concrete turns all relative paths from a css file into absolute paths? might it just be firefox/firebug or whatever browser you're using that is doing this? For example, if i go to view the source for my main.css file, it still shows relative paths. maybe you're referring to the css from somewhere else though? (like the tinymce/content block?)
BrianJM replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, I am sure... the theme path is appended (not the absolute path). Firebug displays the absolute path, but I just used Fiddler2 and I get a 404 error on the following path:

BrianJM replied on at Permalink Reply
I was able to resolve this by not using getStyleSheet() or getThemePath() in the stylesheet link... instead I specified the relative path.