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I made some edits to a page while logged into dashboard, but it wasn't showing the changes when logged out. I thought maybe I needed to approve the changes, even though I had logged in as admin, but finding the approval page was a challenge. Could we have a page that lists any pages that are waiting for approval? I couldn't find one in dashboard. Thanks!

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
you can approve it in the versions panel of the page check the box next to the one you want and hit approve the one thats bolded is the one seen on the site
myregistration replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd like an admin page that lists all edits that need approval instead of having to view each single page to see it needs approval. Does this already exist in the dashboard?
bballhermit replied on at Permalink Reply
I would love a feature like this too! Any ideas?
tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
This is not my code but it works for finding pages that are not yet approved. This is a reply from Isaac who had a block that did this function. Read on for how to.

Subject: Re: Pending pages

In all honesty, I wouldn't use my add-on, but rather use the built-in Sitemap's Search subpage. You can filter based on whether the page has been approved or not. I wrote the add-on before that was possible.

To make this easier, you can create a single_page and place the following code in it:
<?php $this->controller->redirect('/dashboard/sitemap/search/?numResults=10&searchField=version_status&selectedSearchField[]=&searchField1=version_status&selectedSearchField[]=version_status&_cvIsApproved=0'); ?>

This will just redirect you to the search page with the "isApproved" filter pre-set.

If you don't know how to add single_pages...
Name the file: "pending.php"
Place this in the folder: "single_pages/dashboard/sitemap"
Scroll to the bottom.
Type into the Add Page box: "dashboard/sitemap/pending"

Hope that helps! :)

If that is too complicated, I can package it up rather easily for you.

- Isaac

I followed these instructions and it worked perfectly the first time. Let me know if you need any help.

mdzoidberg replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, here is a link with a block that you can install, this will show an extra page on the dashboard where you can view all pages that need to be approved.

Look at the reply marked as best answer for the block.

bballhermit replied on at Permalink Reply
Excellent! That will do the job! Thank you. If anyone knows of a system to send the approval admin emails when pages are pending approval, that'd be even better, but this block will get the job done! Thanks.
dsdev replied on at Permalink Reply
Does anyone know how to allow administrator priviledge to auto approve a page, so that they don't have to approve a change that they made. Just using the default permissions, not advanced.

andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
You mean so that you don't get the "version history" and "preview/post" buttons when exiting edit mode, instead it just automatically approves pages (to save time?) We don't currently offer this, although somebody else wanted it too.
dsdev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Andrew

No, I mean that when as an administrator and you add a post, that you don't have to approve the page, even though administrators can already approve posts. It affects features like the auto nave and the real estate listing where it doesn't show the listing until the page has been approved
williamt replied on at Permalink Reply
You aren't by any chance pressing the RETURN key rather than clicking the 'Publish' button after you've entered the Version Comments?

The HTML for the form has this:

<input type="hidden" name="approve" value="PREVIEW" id="ccm-approve-field">

which I think is the cause of the problem. If you use the button it's fine.

I'm far too new to Concrete5 to know if this is intentional workflow or some sort of bug - though the issue I do have is that the notification that appears in the top right which has an approval link disappears after a couple of seconds so if you don't see it then it may be a while before you notice the page is still being edited...
sambody replied on at Permalink Reply
That's exactly what happened to me - I added a description before publishing, then hit Enter, thinking it would be published. It looked published, because I was connected. And the client told me a hadn't made the changes that I said I had done... Now I know why.

Thanks for the tip !