Asset library image + File Manager restriction


Is it possible (in Concrete 5.6.3.x, or 5.7 but I haven't started using 5.7) to disallow adding a file to a fileset when using the file manager opened by clicking on a form field generated by the asset library image function ? I have a case in which adding a file to a set at that point introduces a difficult to solve bug, and isn't something that is needed or wanted at all. Therefore, it would make sense that this instance of the file manager should permit to choose a file, but not add a file to a set.

I had a look at the source code of concrete/helpers/concrete/asset_library.php, and I am not sure about what the $fileInstanceBlock and $additionalArgs parameters of the image function do. They are passed to the file function in the same file, and I was wondering if the filterArgs of that function could be used to do what I would like... ? What are the purpose of the hidden <input> tags of class="ccm-file-manager-filter" ?

If not, is it possible to run a function on close of the file manager (I know that it is possible if you manually open a file manager, but what about the file manager when using the asset library ?)


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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Could you solve this by taking away the File Set permissions from the users that you are trying to prevent from doing this?

In the Full Sitemap in the System Pages under Dashboard -> Files -> File Sets/Add File Set