Auction Package

Hi, I'm looking at putting together an Auction package for a small non profit group. Their needs are pretty minimal but I am thinking I should try to write something I could scale up for a larger application.

My plan has been to not make a page for each auction item, but store it in a database and use a single page that would be passed an Item ID to present the item up for auction. What I'm thinking about now is the ability to provide searching functions and how search engines would find items.

I suspect I will need a new search block or extend the search block to include the auction items from the database. I'm not sure about search engines, perhaps update sitemap.xml with links to items on single pages? I'm not sure if that is really necessary.

If any one has any thoughts on what might be the best way to do this I would be really interested in hearing them.


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dbuerer replied on at Permalink Reply
what did you end up doing for this?