Auction Website Using Concrete 5?

Hi All!

I don't know if anyone here has made an auction website but I'd like to make the eBay type. I wondering whether its possible to use those scripts with concrete 5? What has the easiest integration for CGI/PHP/PERL like auction script?

I really appreciate the read! Thank you! :)

Please link me(if you do) to free scripts not the exorbitantly priced paid one's :O


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TooqInc replied on at Permalink Reply
In answer to your question, yes. Concrete5 is incredibly flexible and you could certainly use it as a platform for an auction site. It likely requires some custom work, but it can be done.

I can't help on auction scripts.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
For Perl/cgi to php integration, there are perl modules for php and vice versa, so you could develop code with C5 within perl, or perl within C5.

When I first started with C5 I came from a perl system and looked into this, but concluded it was easier to rewrite where necessary in php.

Stackoverflow is a good place to look for generic programming info like php/perl integration.

12345J did some work on an auction site using C5, so you could send a PM and ask.
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks people though I found an auction script already (this post is way old)! :D
ArikGriffin replied on at Permalink Reply
JD46 - was the script a C5 block, or did you end up using something else. I have a client who is looking for auction functionality.
JD46 replied on at Permalink Reply
I ended up setting up a subdomain and installing a freeware called
Webid on it, its really great, if you'd like I could sell you my old
liscense to it for copyright removal. I have no more use for it.

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