auto-nav not showing children

I think I've gone crazy.
My auto-nav menu bar will not show my sub-pages.
I've tried every possible combination of configuration in the properties of auto-nav.
yes my page gives guests permission to view.
And in the site map the page is under another page.
Please help...

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Ricalsin replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you logged in as an administrator, or a member with editing rights? Have you published your changes? Are you running the Basic or Advanced Permissions.

It sounds like you might need a better understanding of C5 permissions than the auto-nav block because you mention a "Guest" setting as though that has something to do with you being able to see your auto-nav settings take affect.

5Greenhorn replied on at Permalink Reply
I only mention that because I saw on another post, a person did not have their page set to be viewed by guests.
Permissions aside, what would the settings be in the auto-nav properties to show sub-pages in a drop-down fashion?
Ricalsin replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was just the dropdown portion you were not getting. Look into the superfish addon, or other addons that take the C5 generated output from the auto-nav - which is an unordered list - that your auto-nav settings generate. You can view what the auto-nav is generating by looking at the "preview" tab within the auto-nav dialog.

A dropdown needs to be templated to look/feel a part of the site, so C5 breaks the auto-nav functionality from the design. Some themes come with the ability to handle this interaction (see: ). The first addon (that can be used inside a theme of your choosing) to handle the dropdown menu in C5 was superfish. It is good but there are much more now.
5Greenhorn replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you,
I've used superfish in Drupal and it worked very well.
I just thought that Concrete5 auto-nav could do this native.
Thank you much, I'll stop pulling my hair out...hahaha
mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey 5Greenhorn,
It's not so much that the core autonav doesn't do it as much as it doesn't try to do it and allows addons and themes to provide it how they see best. There are a ton of addons in the marketplace and it you look at the view.php of autonav

You will see a very commented file that desribes how to work with and customize that file. Many people grab css and/or javascript elsewhere and include it in the theme they are building for themselves etc and use it with the ul list that autonav creates.

For example

Both contain things that would at most require you to create a "Custom Template" which is just a copy of that view.php I talked about above with maybe a couple classes added.

If you need some info on creating custom templates let me know as they are a big part of working with blocks in concrete5.

mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Just checkin' the obvious... Do the sub-pages have their 'Exclude from Nav' attribute set?
5Greenhorn replied on at Permalink Reply
No, they don't.
Should they? It sounds more like that would exclude them.
5Greenhorn replied on at Permalink Reply
The reason behind all of this was, I had to many menu items and it started to hit my logo. Which made the menu double up on itself.
I cheated by taking away padding from the nav-bar and pulling it more to the right. It fits well now, but just for knowledge purposes I'd like to know how to do this. The post above yours sounds interesting but I'm a novice when it comes to code.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
You are correct in your thinking. If the sub-pages are 'Excluded from Nav' then they won't show up in your nav. Sometimes when we're trying to fix something, we flip things on and off trying to get it to work and then we forget to undo what we did.

You say you were messing with the css... is it possible the sub-pages are actually being displayed but they're off-screen or their z-index is below other elements? Have a look at your View Source and see if the sub-pages are actually in the code somewhere.

Just a thought.