Automagically created URL slug when adding a page

Hi everybody,

while adding a new page or creating new content with Composer, the URL slug of that page is "automagically" derived from the Name input field. In earlier versions of C5 it seemed to be done by search-and-replace directly in JavaScript and with current C5 it seems to be pulled via AJAX.

The new behaviour has three drawbacks:
- It's slow: if I stop typing the page name, the URL field is constantly updated for another few seconds (perhaps because the whole app is instantiated in the background on every AJAX call)
- When this happens, my last typings get lost somehow, so the slug will miss some characters and I have to correct it most times.
- Umlauts like "ä" will convert to "a" instead of "ae"

The old behaviour on the other hand was fast and "stable", there were only a few times when I had to correct the auto-generated slug.

So, as you might guess ;), my question is if there is a way to fall back to the old behaviour?

Best rgds,

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