Automatic controller function on_before_render not called on page type controllers

I'm not sure why exactly but on_before_render is not getting called automatically when you are in page type controller. Just use the on_start function to, for example, add css stylesheets to the header.

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site replied on at Permalink Reply
How about using the on_page_view() method?

Be sure to see for further reference about that method.
malthoff replied on at Permalink Reply
That would be possible for blocks - not for page_type controllers.
Hammertime replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd like to bump this as well, as this issue is present in the latest 5.5.1 and is seriously cramping my style. Easy to reproduce: Create a single page with a controller, try and see if you can get anything executed in the on_before_render method = Fail.

Thanks to any admin who takes a look at this one...!
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
You should post this to the bug tracker otherwise I don't think admins will see it.