Balloon tips on the title of a webpage and Custom Fields (Properties)

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When I go in "Edit Mode" for a webpage and select "Properties", there is no field that I can completed for the balloon tip of the title; in HTML this is know as the "title":

<a href="mywebpage.htm" title="my webpage info">Info</a>

When this is there, and the user come over with his cursor, a balloon tip appear with more info about this title.

It would be great to have this kind of field in the properties of a webpage!
Another question:
In the "Properties", there is a a field call "Custom fields" with only one selection "** Add Field". What is used for? How to use it?

Thanks in advance for your enlightning.

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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
If you go into the dashboard you can add attributes in the page types section. These are available programmatically on all of your pages.

You can specify different types of attributes (select menu, file, text field, etc...) and those are the types of attributes that will show up in the page properties menu.

So, for example, we've added a "meta keywords" attribute to c5...and we use it in the header for people to specify the value of <meta name="keywords" value="whatever" />. Here's how we do it.

1. We create a text field page attribute with a handle of "meta_keywords".
2. In the code itself, we run this:

$keywords = $c->getAttribute('meta_keywords');
print '<meta name="keywords" value="' . $keywords . '" />';

Basically it's a way to add extensible metadata at the page level. You could use it to attach images to pages (to show in a nav list, for example), add metadata, add a new description to show instead of the short description, etc...
ymne replied on at Permalink Reply
It seems so simple, but you know, I think t'm really a dummy and it's hard for me to understand all that. So sorry about that!

Would you please, re-explain it with a concrete exemple for "icons in the navbar" and "balloon tip"?

Man! I need to have a lot of bucks, so I can giving you to make it happen ;-)

Thanks Andrew.
sascha replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi andrew.

Is there a way for adding new attributes for a value like <meta name="description" lang="en" content="whatever" /> instead of <meta name="description" content="whatever" /> from 'dashboard level'? Or do I need to change source for that (and if so, which files to search for it) ? I want to add keywords in different languages for the site, as some search engines seem to evaluate these.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, you're going to have to edit code in your theme, just enough to control formatting of the meta tag.

So step 1:
Goto the dashboard, find page attributes (in page types section). Add an attribute, make sure the handle doesn't have spaces and you remember it.

Step 2:
Goto your theme. Find the header.php file and add the standard stuff for your new meta tag, along with a call to the variable you're going to set on each page:
$keywords = c->getAttribute('meta_keywords');
print '<meta name="keywords" value="' . $keywords . '" />';

the only thing you'd have to change there is "meta_keywords", which should be the handle of your page attribute..

step 3) goto the page where you want to set this new attribute. goto page properties, at the bottom there will be a form to add a attribute. You'll see your new attribute in that list. put some content in there, and it'll show up where you put that call above in your template..

we use this to do all sorts of powerful stuff. From things like doing the talk bubbles on to even defining ticket status in our bug/feature system here...
sascha replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you ! I'll try it that way.
tr309 replied on at Permalink Reply
Is it possible to have new page attribute types e.g. at the moment you have text box, checkbox, etc. Is it possible to add more e.g. rich text box (which would provide another tinyMCE box)?

Many thanks,

frz replied on at Permalink Reply
you can add custom attributes from the dashboard, but sadly rich text is not in them.