Best way to include data from a separate database

Hi all,

I would like to present some data from another database into some C5.7 pages.
I can see 2 option for this:

1: Build a single page that contains code that connects to the other database, extracts the needed data then prints them in a tabular format.
The only problem with this approach is that I can see that all single_pages are displayed in a "full" page template and I cannot choose a page type/template to use for them (I would prefer Right Sidebar for example, in this case).

2: Build a regular page and use the free HTML+PHP Code Block that allows adding php in regular C5 pages.
Then, to keep things separately (but this just a matter of taste I guess), I would create an external .php file with my code and have just an include statement in the HTML_PHP Code Block.

Any thoughts on which is best or if there is another way to do it?


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WillemAnchor replied on at Permalink Reply
3. create a pagetype and put your html block there, or hardcode it in a template
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually single pages uses the view.php file from your theme as default, not full.php. Make sure you do have a view.php file.

Once you do that, one way to do it is to add an attribute to your page, probably a checkbox, and to test for the presence of that attribute in your view.php. If the attribute is checked, do your stuff.