Block alignment

Hi, Im looking for a way to be able to affect alignment of a block. EG: image books cannot be aligned in the centre, as well as other block that don't offer the alignment option. Would if be possible to force alignment with a custom template of by adding custom CSS somewhere?

Maybe the ability to wrap the block or something?

Not sure if this makes sense, but hope someone van help...


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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi ZillionProductions,

Do you have a web page address where you are trying to align images?

To better describe your issue, can you provide a screenshot/mockup of what you are trying to do?
jiropii replied on at Permalink Reply
Which theme are you using and which add-on?
Of course you can always override any CSS by adding new CSS rules to your main CSS file (which often is a LESS file, but that also takes CSS code).

A simple way to override styles is to go into the dashboard -> go to a page -> click the cogwheel -> click 'design' -> pick the theme 'customise' link -> scroll down and there you will often find 'Advanced - custom CSS' where you can just add styles.

Code correct solution: If you have a theme in your Packages, you can override it by copying it's CSS to its **respective** >>/>>Application/>>Themes>>Nameoftheme>>cssfolder>>main.css
Which sometimes means you might have to copy its 'LESS includes' as well. All depending on your theme.