Bootstrap thumbnail for image gallery

I'm trying to set up a photo gallery using the bootstrap class="thumbnail" but i'm not having a ton of luck.

I'm just looking to have a thumbnail gallery (three columns, centered) and to have each thumbnail be a link to a separate portfolio page for the project. I originally had it set up as a add content block that was styled with css. I've been curious about grids so I decided to try positioning the rest of the site using the grid in bootstrap and figured it might be a good choice to position the gallery of thumbnails as well.

Basically what I have right now is the bootstrap class="thumbnail" tag in the html and within that div I have the php add content tag. I end up with all three of the thumbnails I have added already for testing encased in the same thumbnail border and then a bunch of empty thumbnails containers scattered throughout the page.

Is this something I'll need to develop a block for?

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