Bootstrap vs JqueryMobile

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Am preparing new site, and making the design more of an app feel than a standard website. Definitely have to go with responsive, and I can't wait for C5 5.7 which would make this easier by helping with framwork selection.
Hoping those of you with strong jquery knowledge could weigh in. I know that JQM and Bootstrap both have their pros/cons, but in reference to C5 solely, which one should I go with?

I really want to go with JQM because it has a number of features I would really like to make use of.. but Bootstrap appears to be more cohesive with C5, seeing as jquery is a part of C5 and also gets loaded, etc. And in that same vein, I notice that the included jquery version is not of the latest stable of jquery available.

I would really like to 'build' the site vs spending hours upon hours trying to figure out why JQM framework / Bootstrap or even worse the chosen one I'm gonna use particular css is not working!

Would it be better for me just to hire a dev to do whats needed to get full JQM in properly.. and THEN, I can start building as expected?

Would it be better for me to hire a dev to do the above AND setup my pagetypes and blocks?

Johnthefish, I hope you see this because you have a number of add-ons that are on top of my priority list and I know you have great knowledge of C5 and js, could you weigh in please.

FYI, about site design / functionality.. I wanna make strong use of Ajax (hence my reference to dev JohnTheFish). Approx 5 pagetypes. 4 Single pages. Will also be a multi-level membership site, as in free signup see more content, paid members = secure member section.
Site will have SSL, Linux Dedicated, StrongBox (member area security), video based. Already have licensed html5 with flash fallback player. Streaming with Wowza Media Server.
I also, plan to go to edge servers and amazon cloud in near future.

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you want to edit the site on a mobile? or just view it on a mobile and manage it from a full size display?
BG410 replied on at Permalink Reply
Nope, dont need to manage it mobile. Just view frontend mobile.

AND, even the inline editing will be limited, as in would only need to do minor 'design' adjustments and 'content' editing from frontend isn't even needed.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
In that case I wouldn't worry about whether to use jQuery Mobile or Bootstrap. Neither is used by c5 on the front end. Both are built on top of jQuery. Both could do the job. It all depends on how you want it to work.

With jQuery Mobile you would probably be looking at switching between a mobile theme and a full size theme. With Bootstrap you would probably be have a single responsive theme.
BG410 replied on at Permalink Reply
So in essence, with frontend in mind, to add either JQM or Bootsrap I wont need to spend ours figuring out why a number of right out of the box things arent work with either of those and the core C5?

After pouring over docs and forum, I'm aware of a number of things to look for and things like including js/stylesheet before or after getstylesheet for C5.. I think I could manage with something major like that not working. I guess I was/am more concerned with maybe something really small taking me hours to figure out like a namespace issue vs having both C5 and/or JQM/Bootstrap working together.. but you said that should not be a frontend problem.

Ok, so in reference to backend.. I should be able continue with C5 but set my js/css to not use what I'm using for frontend correct? Which mean if I go with one of the above, I should expect editing through dashboard etc to be 'alittle off'. I cant see how dashboard editing would work as smooth as core (without having one of those frameworks in place).. even if I didn't load either of those while editing, that would make my layout visually way off correct?

In reference to me having my eye on JQM, I wanna make heavy use of Panels:

And also while using the above Panels widget, make use of this with mediaqueries / breakpoints:

And lastly, keep in mind I will be using your addons to do alot of content manipulation / Ajax.. really cant wait to mess with Magic Data and Universal Content Puller ;)
So, keep that in mind, you think they'll play better wit Bootstrap?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Nothing is ever that simple, especially when multiple script and ajax things are going on, but in essence you should be able to build a theme or blocks that use either.

If it were me, at this stage I would conduct a test. Knock up a theme, single page and/or a block for each, dummy edit interface, just hard code everything into a view, add the header items in the controller. Put some widgets in the view. Put some blocks on the page. See what happens.

Magic data should not be affected by either. Universal content puller should also be OK, but remember it depends on the content you are pulling. Its always possible to pull content that is not compatible with what is already there.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Keep in mind that JQM does a lot of its own stuff through Ajax so I don't know how it would go trying to use Ajax to load a C5 add-on which itself is going to use Ajax to load a block.