Bridgeing / integrating PHPBB3 + Magento

Hey guys and gals,

I currently runa website that is very large based around a phpbb3 forum, i am at the point of needing a CMS and concrete5 is the best i have come across.

i have searched and found no available bridges for either phpbb or magento e-commerce

is it possible to bridge these and integrate them into the CMS layout ?

if anyone can help it would be appreciated

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adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't think there is any tool available for you right now, and having an external link in your nav might not be an alternative if you want your users to be logged in both on phpbb and c5 with the same credentials.

As for Magento I found this:

I would suggest though that you have a look at the Core eCommerce package available in the marketplace, as that is highly modifiable (is that even a word?) and not that expensive. But then again, I don't know the size of your current Magento site...
marietto23 replied on at Permalink Reply
there is a tool ready to integrate Magento and PhpBB