Bug on the Tinymce editor that dissallows any custom html

I'm having problems with a bug on the tiny mce editor on this concrete 5.6 using the structura theme


If I try to add an image or a link into the editor and then try to save it comes up with an error as per attachment. If I add straight text it seems to be OK but anything to do with adding html and it bombs with this message. It then doesn't save the change and logs me out of the page. I then get access denied issues with the page.

I've been in touch with my hosting company who assure me there were no errors on the logs. I've asked the developer of the theme but he suggested putting it on the forum here saying it might be some 'dirty html' however it happens when we simply want to add a link. Please help I'm getting a bit desperate to resolve this issue.

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chassa2556 replied on at Permalink Reply
Any replies to this anyone its now happening on another site - is it an inherrant bug on 5.6?