Bugsnag integration

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If you want to be emailed about new log messages or when an exception is thrown, you could consider using Bugsnag. It's free up to x-amount of notifications.

Bugsnag lets you collect messages and notify you e.g. via Slack or email. It can now easily be integrated via https://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/bugsnag-integration/....

If you only want to receive notifications of log entries with a certain severity, you can change a dashboard setting to e.g. DEBUG or ERROR.

Also, all uncatched exceptions, including a stacktrace will be sent to Bugsnag. It's way easier to debug problems because you can read the enviroment information (e.g. the session and request variables, ip address, etc.) of when the error was triggered.

To read more about Bugsnag, visit http://bugsnag.com

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In version 1.3 we added support to detect JavaScript errors. These errors will be sent to Bugsnag as they occur. This option is optional and can be configured via the settings page.