building a shop with concrete5

Morning, I have been looking at the fire fly site (which is great by the way) and was wondering if I could ask a few questions.

I am a web developer myself currently working for a company but want to set up a site for my wife, selling prams and baby products using concrete5. I'm getting to grips with it but wondered how you displayed your products and pricing. I'm used to displaying products via mysql and php. I take it they used file sets and some sort of gallery on each individual page to display the different products. Is there a possibility that someone could tell me the processes used please.

I was also thinking of using ecwid. Any help would be very grateful received.

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wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you seen the eCommerce addon-

It says- "Want to sell stuff on your concrete5 site?

Take a minute to look at the features & approach of our solution to the eCommerce problem. We've tried to create an elegant and flexible base platform for eCommerce sites, with everything you need and nothing you don't. If you're a developer, be sure to look at the roadmap of additional add-ons that you might jump on making. If you're just wanting to sit back and watch, Frz will explain how to create products, place them on a page, and group them in new ways. "

try the demo here-

It could be just the thing for you.